• Digital Ordering for Dine-in and Takeout

    at Hotels and Restaurants


    Reduce overhead, improve order accuracy, and delight your guests

  • Reduce Staffing Cost, Increase Order Volume

    Dine-In: Guests order when they're ready


    No need to wait for a server. Guests simply sit down, scan the QR code, and order. They can request service or pay with the tap of a button on their Smartphone.

    Takeout: No more time wasted on manual orders


    Guests order from their smartphone from home. Their order is automatically assigned an ETA and they'll receive a push notification when it's ready.

    Maximize revenue by enabling pre-order


    Running a holiday brunch special? Set a maximum number of orders and pre-sell the entire inventory before the event.

    Enable guests to set a pick-up time


    Manage your peak hours more efficiently by allowing guests to set a pick-up time for takeout orders.

  • MenuPoint - Also For Takeout Orders

  • Try it For Yourself

    Scan the QR code to see a sample menu